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Welcome to the official Max Buda Band website!

   This site is dedicated to the first real musical Max Buda of the 60's (and his dad) who has been steadily producing, recording and playing live music gigs ever since. Like Max, this site will pretty much be a maverick enterprise and much of it will be devoted to the current band which Max maintains is his favorite of all time (and that is saying something).

   But as time progresses we will be filling anyone interested in on Max and his doings through these many years, his recordings, his 40 year plus musical partnership with Chris Darrow and hopefully a few performances along with pictures and or the kitchen sink. This will not be a "scholarly" website but as it is the official one it will certainly more accurately present Max Buda than the alternatives offered on the web, and we invite you to check us out from time to time for changes, announcements and if you are ever in our neck of the woods, the Max Buda Band

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